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“Cheryl is an insightful and incredibly supportive wellness coach. Her steadfast support enables me to figure out how to reach my exercise goals. If I don’t meet a goal, she asks, non-judgmentally, about how I can meet it next week, and what will set me up for success next time. Thanks to Cheryl, I am now working out almost daily, and am able to reach my strength training, cardio and relaxation goals. Cheryl is so kind, upbeat and positive. She also helps me stay on course for success.  Working with Cheryl has helped me see that there is nothing standing between me and my fitness goals!” – Sara

“Cheryl has helped me regain control of my life and find the peace, joy, and content I've been searching for. She is very friendly and flexible. I have recommended her to many of my friends and I will be forever grateful for her help! She's A+ Amazing!"- Jeannette

"I have been through several of Cheryl's coaching events including a fridge makeover session! She is so motivating and gives very helpful tips! She is also very realistic and encourages small goals. I highly recommend her skill set!"- Hilary

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