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Mindful Eating Power Coaching Call


Have you been mindlessly snacking through your day?  Do you have strong food cravings that lead to constant eating and poor food choices?  Are you an emotional eater?


Believe me, you are not alone!  So many of us fall into these patterns, but as you know, eating this way does not make us feel good. This kind of overeating mostly makes us feel out of control, bloated, embarrassed, and bad about our bodies.  Are you having difficulty passing through the kitchen without stopping for a snack? Maybe you are going back for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths on those irresistible chocolates without even realizing it. You may have tried to solve this with “willpower” or dieting and that probably worked for a while, but now you are right back in the snack cabinet or at the bottom of the big ice cream bowl and not really sure where to go from here.

The good news is, that bringing awareness to your eating habits and being fully present in the experience of eating can help you make better food choices.  This is exactly what we will work on in my one on one Mindful Eating Power Coaching Call!  


When you implement the Mindful Eating strategies we discuss on this call you will begin to:
- reduce your cravings, so you don’t feel like eating all day.
- eat mindlessly less often, so you don’t feel guilty about eating too much “junk” food.
- create sustainable healthy eating habits without dieting or restricting, so you can quit the diet mentality, fit more comfortably in your clothes, and feel confident about your body.
- nourish your body with a variety of wholesome foods so you have more energy to fuel you through your day.

I will guide you in setting small, achievable goals, so you can stress less about your food choices, enjoy your food, and feel happier about the way you eat!

In this 90 minute call we will:

-begin to bring awareness to your eating habits based on your 3 day food log
-discuss Mindful Eating strategies to meet your specific needs
-set 1 or 2 personal Mindful Eating goals
-create your customized grocery shopping list of healthy foods needed to support you in your goals.



You also get-
-2 of my favorite healthy dessert recipes
-A 20 minute follow up call for goal check in.

Available for a limited time!  Book by March 31, 2021! Call or email to book!

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