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How to Find Time to Exercise with Kids in the House!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hi mom friends!

I know finding time to work out is tough even in normal times, and this pandemic is not helping! Our schedules are all different, our kids are home more, and you probably don’t have your usual childcare options. I’m sure that many of you have had to put your workouts on the back burner, but let’s face it, this situation isn’t going away anytime soon. Gyms may or may not be open where you are, and even if they are, you might not be ready to go (and they probably don’t have the kid’s care room open). It’s time to figure out how to get your exercise in!

Here are my top 10 tips-

1. Get up earlier than your kids. I know, some of you have kids that get up very very early. But something to consider…

2. Tag team with your partner/spouse. One of you gets to exercise while the other entertains the kiddos, then switch.

3. Try home workouts! Can't leave the house? No problem! There are a ton of options for on-demand workouts online. Most that I have seen are priced around $10/month for a subscription, but there are many free workouts as well! Some of my favorites are Pop Sugar Fitness and HasFit on YouTube ( Also if you are normally a member of a gym, your facility and instructors may be posting workouts on YouTube or livestreaming through Zoom or other platforms. There has never been a better time to exercise at home!

4. If you have older kids who are a little more independent, set them up with their breakfast, have them get washed up/showered and dressed and clean up their rooms all on their own. That can buy you about 30+ minutes!

5. If you can’t do a long workout see if you can manage shorter periods of time. Even 10-15 minute bouts of exercise can be effective. Maybe do a quick home workout first thing in the morning or take a short walk during your lunch break.

6. Try HIIT. High Intensity Interval training helps you get the most effective workout in the smallest amount of time. But be prepared to work hard!

7. Have you tried Outschool yet? They have online classes for kids in every subject or interest imaginable! My 10 year old recently did an Anime drawing class, which he loved. The classes are priced at about $15 for an hour class. He was busy and happy, and I got some time to myself. Don’t want to spend $$? Get your kids involved with a (not too messy) craft project or puzzle they can do independently (but in your sight zone) so you can get a little workout time.

8. Get moving with your kids! You and your littles might enjoy Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube. Go Noodle dance workouts are also a favorite in my house. If you have a gaming system Just Dance, or Wii Fit are great options. Check out Zumba on Wii or XBOX too!

If you have older kids they might even be able to do the workouts you are doing. You can have a contest to see who can do the most jumping jacks, sit ups, pushups, or who can hold the longest plank.

9. Get outside with your kids. Walk, run, hike, bike, jump rope, or roller skate.

10. Multitask! I have definitely been known to do some kickboxing, dancing, or jumping jacks in my kitchen while dinner is cooking. Okay this one may sound silly- but when my son was younger he used to love to sit and play in the bath for 20-30 min.At first I would just sit there and watch him play.Then I realized I could certainly do sit ups, pushups, planks, and squats right next to the tub and still watch him.

My last piece of advice is to make a plan! Take a look at your calendar for the week. See where your work and kid schedules might allow you some time. You might need to get a little creative. If you have a spouse/partner talk with them to coordinate. Write down your workout time on your calendar as you would any other appointment and don’t schedule anything over it!

Need help finding solutions and creating a detailed plan? I can help. Schedule a free 30 min Strategy Session with me! Email or visit to schedule!

Join my Facebook group, Mindful eating and Fitness Motivation for Working Moms! Hang out with me and other working moms who are trying to build and maintain Mindful eating habits, be more physically active and get consistent with exercise routines.

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