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Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

The birds are chirping... Spring is just about to spring here in the Northeast. I can feel it....Now is a great time to think about spring cleaning your exercise routine!

Even if you're happy with your current activity, just trying one new thing can have great benefits.

Here are some great reasons to change things up a bit:

Adaptation. Your body adapts to the work you make it do. So as you get stronger and increase your endurance, your body gets used to it, and the exercise becomes easier. That's why you may start to plateau and not see the results you used to. Kick it up a notch or change it up to increase the benefits of your workout. Beat Boredom. If you’re tired of doing the same workouts, exercise will seem like a chore and then you won’t want to do it. Adding variety will help you stay motivated and committed to yourself. Learn new skills. It’s good for your brain! Work more muscles. Varying your activities means you’ll hit more muscle groups for a better full body workout.

Here are my top 10 tips for spring cleaning your fitness routine:

1. Get outside. The weather will be getting better(hopefully soon), so no more excuses- hike, bike, walk, jog, play tennis. If you’re already an outside exerciser, try a new trail or change up your route. Walk or bike longer or faster or climb hills.

2. Exercise with a friend. It’s more fun and you’ll be sure to get there because you told her you would… 3. Try a new class Workout with a whole group of friends! You’ll work harder longer when you’re with others and have a motivating instructor to guide you. It’s a great time to try that Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, TRX, Bootcamp, Kickbox, or Barbell class you’ve been meaning to get to. And in the springtime, classes aren't as crowded as people start to head outside! 4. Join a sports league. Or even just play casually with a group of friends. 5. Change up your machines at the gym. You’ll hit different muscle groups and make things more interesting. Consult a personal trainer to help you build the most effective routine. 6. Sign up for a race. 5 Ks, Triathlons, and obstacle course races are really popular right now. Having a deadline might give you some extra motivation to train. Better yet, sign up with a team or a friend. 7. Buy new shoes. You’re likely due for a pair. 8. Freshen up your playlist. Some new, heart-pumping music will get you going. 9. Get some new equipment. Get some new gear for working out at home- new videos, jump ropes, kettle bells, punching bags, yoga props, stability balls. These things can be found pretty inexpensively. 10. Freshen up your workout wardrobe. Bright colors make everything more exciting!

Happy Spring!

©2018 Health and Wellness Coach | Ithaca, NY

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