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Choose Health over Hibernation!

Depending on where you live, winter weather can be pretty rough. Here in the Northeast it's no picnic for sure. Does the cold and snow make you want to "hibernate?" Freezing temperatures may make you want to stay inside, snuggle under the blankets, binge watch Netflix, and eat "comfort foods" (aka, salty, fatty, sugary). This is fine every now and then, but health-wise we don't want to be doing this all winter long. Try some of these ideas for coming out of hibernation and staying fit, healthy, and happy all the way to spring:

  • When the weather isn't conducive to going out to exercise, try a video, an app, or an online workout. Here are some good ones. (free) or (not free but has a free trial and reasonably priced after).

  • Get a workout buddy. If you’re meeting your friend at the gym, you’re less likely to sit home!

  • Get outside anyway. It’s good for you. Bundle up and go for a walk. Take the dog. Ice skate or ski. Some hiking trails are still open in the winter.

  • Try a new indoor physical activity. ie. A new group fitness class, sports league, or indoor climbing wall.

  • Walk the mall (it’s better than sitting on the couch anyway). ;-) This option may not be healthy for your wallet, however.

  • Make plans with friends (see all the stuff above). :-)

  • Meditate. Lift your mood and alleviate stress.

  • Prepare healthy meals. Try a home salad bar where everyone gets to choose their toppings. If you still want that comfort food, try some healthy soup recipes here.

  • Get those house projects done. Have you been procrastinating? I know I have. Do your reorganizing and redecorating when it’s too cold to go out so you have more free time when the weather gets nicer.

  • Have a dance party in your living room/basement. With your family/friends or all by yourself.

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