12 Simple Ways to Be More Active Right Now.

Have you been feeling a little sluggish this winter? Do you have so much going on that you find it hard to get enough physical activity? Do you spend most of your day behind a desk? You don’t have to work out hard or long to get some benefit. Here are some quick and easy ideas to get more exercise during your day: 1. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Yes, blah blah, you've heard this one over and over again. Just do it. To make it a little more challenging, skip over every other step, go a little faster, take an extra lap up and down. But if you're accident prone, just do it the regular way. :-) 2. Take a walk during your lunch hour. Even if you have to dress up for work. Even if it’s cold

Cheryl Horihan - Health and Wellness Coach

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