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Helping you get consistent with healthy habits so you can feel more fit, energized and happy!

As a wellness coach, I am skilled in helping you develop and implement a customized wellness plan.

What would your life be like if you could feel more relaxed, healthy, and fit?  Uncover the best version of you with my weekly telephone coaching sessions. Together, we will create a customized wellness plan based on the areas of health that are most important to you.  

Many clients come to me wanting to work on:

  • Maintaining consistent healthy eating habits

  • Strategies for easy menu planning

  • Making time for relaxation and stress relief

  • Prioritizing fitness and physical activity

  • Getting back to healthy routines after recovering from injury or illness

As your coach, I will:

  • Help you clarify your priorities, so you can establish goals; 

  • Guide you in finding your personal motivation to keep you going; 

  • Support you in using your strengths to meet your goals. 


We will focus on helping you stick with healthy habits by making small, achievable changes you enjoy. 

I offer 12 week packages for one on one and couples coaching. 

A minimum of 12 weeks of coaching is necessary to achieve consistent results.


For more information, book your free Strategy Session today!




Free Strategy Session

We'll chat about what's going well with your health and potential areas you'd like to work on. Learn more about how coaching works and how I can help you get on the path to healthier living. I’ve helped dozens of clients on their path to a healthier life, I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your personal well-being.



We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but our busy lives often make it hard to make good choices and stay on track.  Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to better health.  I don’t believe in extreme workouts, diets or cleanses!  Those types of approaches may work for a while, but are hard to keep up with long-term, and can even be detrimental to your health.   When you work with me, you create healthy habits for life.  When you implement realistic and enjoyable actions a little at a time, you set yourself up for success with results that will last a lifetime.

I may be the right coach for you if:

  • you have trouble maintaining healthy habits long term

  • you want a partner in health who can help you build upon small steps to uncover your best self

  • you can use a supportive person to help you access strategies to overcome obstacles.

Together, we will create a customized plan to help you achieve the changes you have been struggling with alone. I will help you stay motivated and find that healthy balance you desire, so you can discover a healthier, happier you!

Education and Training:

  • Masters of Science in Teaching Health Education.– SUNY Cortland

  • Wellcoaches® Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Exercise Instructor 

  • Zumba® Instructor

  • UrbanKick® and HIIT Instructor

  • R.I.P.P.E.D Rumble™ Instructor

I live in beautiful Ithaca, New York with my husband, son, and a hamster named Po.  I enjoy visiting the gorges, spending time with my family, and teaching fitness classes!  I have served on a few local committees promoting healthy communities, and taught college Health classes.  It is so important to me to live a healthy lifestyle and to help others be as healthy as they can be.




We all want to be healthy and feel more amazing, right? 

The truth is, it can be confusing to know where to begin. 

The top 3 goals I hear most often from my clients are:

•    feeling better
•    eating healthier 
•    having more energy 


I have put this email series together to address all 3 of these issues with super simple tips you can implement right away. 

During the next 6 weeks, you’ll receive 1 email each week with 1 simple, but very effective way to feel better, look better and have more energy!  Subscribe here to get on the path to a more amazing you!

Cheryl Horihan - Health and Wellness Coach

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